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Handwriting Analysis via
The Original Web Handwriting Site

Service Fees for Handwriting Readings

    Back in 1993 when we conceived of providing handwriting analysis readings for the Internet Community, not too many things were even on the web, so we had no idea what the result would be. As it turned out at that time, we didn't really see many requests for readings. In fact, out of a couple hundred visitors a month, maybe only four or five requested readings so we didn't charge anything for them, just requested donations. It was mostly considered an experiment to do them on the web at all.

    Then with the passage of time, constant improvement of Web Technology, geometric growth in the Internet, ... Wow! Things were in for a major change about two years later when the Web began to come of age, and someone at CNN decided to include WWW.HWA.ORG here as a reference site for an article they published on handwriting analysis.

    What a change! During one month, we were getting upwards of 300-500 requests for readings, and there was quite literally no way we would ever catch up! We still top 10,000 visitors every month, (actually usually three to four times that... 40,691 as of last update at Sun 25 Sep, 15:12 PDT, our last daily count...) And even though this is certainly a Labor of Love, and Spirit and Volunteerism, there was just no way that the three or four of us readers could actually write that many readings.

    And so: we let technology help out: the natural way to ensure the best service for all was to write the little SelfEval program and to off-load simplistic curiosity readings there. And, nowadays as you might imagine, the little SelfEval engine has taken a chunk out of the volume, and reduced basic demand quite a bit.   That was the point.

The artificial intelligence SelfEval program, can mimic a very minor portion of what true human-based readings can do. That's because it only looks at a few traits. But at least the program was trained well: it was written by Jerral Sapienza here, still the primary human reader for all our personal readings.

Instead of looking at just a very few aspects of handwriting in a personal reading we are actually looking at hundreds at play, the "gestalt" of the hand and how various traits and points tend to interact. For anyone who has been looking at handwriting for decades like Jerral, it's almost instantaneous and intuitive. There's always something which reaches out and grabs us in most everybody's hand; so that's the place we starts.     And if you have included a specific question or two you have about your handwriting or about handwriting in general, then we answer those, too.

Pricing on personal readings offer a couple different choices. You're choosing between "regular" which is our standand reading, and a briefer format. Fee structures varying accordingly:

  • US $50 for a "Regular Reading" is based on a minimum of 20-30 minutes with your handwriting, and where we're looking at a more comfortable detail on things. With 20-30 minutes on your handwriting, we've got space and time to peer into things and allow that you'll be treated to a discussion of some of the bigger pictures and the detail, too, to help you get a better overall idea. We cover some of the more personal peculiarities; maybe some of your personality quirkities or potential difficult points or strengths in relationship, or business or things like that, depending upon what kinds of questions you may ask and what kinds of traits and qualities we might see in your hand. Take a look at some of Excerpts and Sample Reads for a view of what kinds of things come up. Or see the Customer Rating Sheets and you'll have an idea of what kinds of things folks have liked about things.

    From your reading, you should also get a better idea of what others might be looking at in your handwriting, and how you might appear from an employee or relationship perspective... personality traits you beam forth.

    Do ask your questions and we'll see about addressing them in terms of your handwriting.

  • FollowUp Readings are usually for more extensive reading situations where you've already had one of the two introductory services above, yet desire to go deeper with a particular aspect of your own handwriting, handwriting instruction, discernment of matches with jobs or other persons' hands, or other reason to further investigate a particular tack regarding handwriting analysis. Whatever your needs in this field, we can usually fill it, at either a program, daily or hourly rate.
    Since 1996 when we first established the fee-based readings, we're down to a much more do-able ratio than those hundreds of requests we used to get when things were basic and free. Now we receive fewer samples, but we also have more time to do them, with an opportunity to make a modest income doing what is still very much a Labor of Love at heart, while contributing to keeping the site running.

    We do still accept samples without payment, but we consider those archive contributions which people want added to the massive archive we handle here. We don't respond to them, but instead use them as training material for training new analysts.

    But the breadth and scope of the samples archive here is huge: literally thousands of samples, all in this same 'odd little format' of Jerral's design.     By the way— there is a text book on this sample format.   It's a book from LLX Press called "The Hand Behind The Word: Handwriting Analysis JAQS Style" by Jerral Sapienza, and sells for $16.95;   ISBN 0971710732   See if you can find it in your local bookseller, or order from Amazon.com or LLX Press.

    Finally:   Please know that we appreciate your contributions and your enthusiasm for the work here. There is a great fascination in seeing the incredible variety of handwriting. And a fascination in seeing where the samples and contributions are coming from, too.

    If you plan to send a check: checks shouldn't be in 'foreign' currency, but, (as we found out the hard way) must be in US Dollars, since our bank doesn't actually process anything else, even Canadian!

    Thanks again for your interest in Handwriting Analysis. Obviously, for us it's quite an interesting subject, or we wouldn't still be doing it after all these years. Let's hope it will bite you, too, and you'll continue to be inspired by HWA to become a fascination for you, too... It's possible! ;-)

    You keep the samples rolling on in, and we'll continue to serve you briskly, committedly, and well! That's our pledge to you!

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