Preparing A HW Sample for HWA.ORG

A quick note, by the way:
If you are planning on sending in someone else's handwriting for review, please get their permission first. It's a matter of ethics. And, we want to see YOUR handwriting with anything you send in for someone else, too, as a reference point. Price for third-party sample review is $75, not $50.

-   Use your favorite INK.
        Please don't Use Pencil, Transparency pen, or Sharpies.
-   Use Unlined White Paper
-   Fold page in half both directions: Makes a tiny size page you'll use.
      Then, on quarter one panel of the folded page:
-   Indicate Handedness / Sex / Age / Profession   as in: LH / M26 / Painter
-   Indicate a legible EMail address, to which we'll return the reading.

    On another panel of the folded page include these:
  • 1) Four rows of digits: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
  • 2) Your Signature
  • 3) Your Name, printed
  • 4) Paragraph of your choice:     What's that?     Don't know what to write?
        Perhaps a question or statement about your handwriting?   Or tell us how you found the site.   Please try to be spontaneous; not copying or reciting something, but SOMETHING from your brain... anything... even if just   "Oh, gee: I can't think of a thing to say, but let's see ... I have long fingers..."
        Talk about your day, your cat, your favorite tennis shoes... whatever.     Can be written in cursive or printed, whatever is "normal" and "natural" for you.     And feel free to doodle / sketch alongside your writing, if you like.
  • 5) the Date
  • Include $50.00 Fee for a full reading.
    (Checks payable to Lifelong Learning Excellence, Inc. or just LLX, Inc.)
Then send it to:
Handwriting Analysis
W W W . H W A . O R G
Lifelong Learning Excellence, Inc.
PO Box 3462 • Hillsboro, OR • 97123 • USA