Hey! It's Me!
I wanna claim my reading!

So you think we lost track of you, did we? Did you read all the instructions before sending in your sample? It may have been incomplete, or if it was one of the 'free reading' types without a minimum donation , it may be still dormant among hundreds of others...

If you would like to let us know you're out there... Simply let us know a couple of things about you, here, and we may be able to get that reading back to you after all!

Name on original sample submitted:
Submitted When?:
via? (Fax or SnailMail?) :

And most importantly, to what WORKING, CORRECT, & LEGIBLE Email Address shall we send your reading?:

Anything else we might need to know about you or your sample? Do you recall any specifically notorious details about it which may help us to identify it / jog our memory if it was a while ago?:

Thanks for your Update.
Expect a response soon!

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