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Radio Listeners: Let's Take a Look at YOUR HANDWRITING
for a discussion with Jerral Sapienza, Author of
"The Hand Behind The Word"

  • What does your handwriting mean?

  • What do others see in your handwriting?

  • Done Your Handwriting Sample?   Good... now Fax it into the show and let us take a look and talk about it.
  • If you haven't yet done a sample but would like to, Click here for the format to use.
  • Please Note: Only handwriting in the specified format will be discussed.
  • "Why?," you ask?     For a couple reasons: First, this format ensures we receive all the pieces we need to take a good look. And secondly, we like the writer of a sample to be sure and be aware that it's a sample for analysis.

    Did you know that your handwriting is one of the most intimate form of communication you can share with the world-- with your secrets and fears and ambitions and beliefs-- all laid out there for anyone to see who knows how to interpret it?   It's true.   You can revel in the fact or worry about it, but either way: it might be a good thing to know what's there.   You can also change your handwriting and change your life!       Show us a sample of your Handwriting today and let us tell you what secrets you're broadcasting every time you write and what you're saying about yourself... the good, the bad, the delightful!

  • Preparing Your Sample for Sending in to the Show Today now:

  • Write out a sample and fax it to the station now. (Or if you're in the neighorhood, come on down and bring your sample.)

  • If you'd first like to try a little do-It-Yourself Self Analysis you can do that here, too.     It's still free with the help of our online "Self-Eval" software system (written by Jerral) which allows you to take a look at some of the basic traits you might look at in your own or someone else's handwriting.
  • Learn!   Grow!   Share!   Get the book: The Hand Behind the Word   $16.95.
      Start doing some Handwriting Analysis on your own by purchasing a copy of the book on Handwriting Analysis JAQS Style and get ready to change your life forever!

  • Have questions about Handwriting Analysis?
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