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A Numerological Worksheet for you.
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This program, NumW, was developed by Jerral Sapienza, Curator of HWA.ORG, and professional Handwriting Analyst and Consultant. The core of the program is based on an algorithm from a program written by Jerral in 1983 when, as consulting Numerologist for a personal growth mystical studies group in Colorado, he needed a tool to make some of the 'on-the-fly' calculations to do the readings. To that point, the trusty pencil and calculator (and several minutes while clients waited...) were the alternative. And when so many individual entries were calculated letter by letter, number by number, line by line in series, then certainly things had to be checked and re-checked or mistakes happened. Then, with the introduction of Jerral's Numerology program, (running originally on then popular Apple ][ and Commodore 64 computers) voilà... no more mistaken calculations!

The current incarnation of NumW is a little more robust than its predecssor, but still the basics are to make that complex series of delineations and calculations almost instantly and deliver the various appropriate Numerological sums for you to use, linking them with Tarot Cards so as to help you to discern certain personal reflection data from your Name, Birthdate, and/or whatever alphanumeric data you enter into the page.

The basic patterns it considers are based on a numerological system developed by Pythagoras many centuries ago, using your birthdate as the basis of the Life Lesson Number, and then using the name's values of consonants, vowels and the total name to reflect three other reference points of your life and surroundings. For personal alphanumeric data, here's the layout:

  • Consonants: Outer Personality (How others tend to see you.)
  • Vowels: Soul Number (The essence of the being whose soul you represent)
  • Full Alpha: Path of Destiny (The general manner in which your destiny plays out.)
  • Numeric Data: Life Lesson (This is what you came here to learn this time)
The general impression above, then, would be based on how your name, birthday etc would be interpreted. If you're using a phrase regarding an event or something or someone other than your birthday, etc then that would be interpreted akin to:
  • Consonants: Outer Personality (How will other people around me / it tend to view this situation / event / person?)
  • Vowels: Soul Number (What is the essential character / personality of the event / person?)
  • Full Alpha: Path of Destiny (What is the basic path or pattern of this apt to be like?)
  • Numeric Data: Life Lesson (How is this event / person / place a teacher to me now?)

When you enter something into the Numerology Worksheet here, then it will automatically tally up Vowels, Consonants, All Letters, and then Numbers if you entered any. If any of those totals is blank, then it won't be listed on the summary page, but if you have some of each, then your summary page will contain:

		Name Total
		Grand Total
As you then get the values for all of these, then, you will also be shown the corresponding Tarot Card (based on the numbers 0 - 78... there are 78 cards in the Tarot deck.) "The Fool" appears twice in the 0 - 78 spread, as the 0 Card and as the 22 Card.

Numbers will all reduce to what we refer to as a "Key Number" between 0 and 78, referring to a particular Tarot Card, and in most cases that key number will also reduce to a single digit number, too.

Exceptions are 11, 22, 33, and 44 which are considered "Master Numbers" and therefore are not reduced to their corresponding single digit numbers of 2, 4, 6 and 8.

Eventually, we'll be putting up more information about Numerology and how to make better sense of the different Life Lesson Numbers, etc. But for now, you can get a pretty good idea, merely by referring to the corresponding Tarot Card for that particular number.

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Have questions? Feel free to be in touch and we'll see if we can't get them answered for you!

Thanks for your interest in things, and best wishes to you!

--Jerral and the Elves of