The Oracle of the Runes
by Jerral Sapienza

"What are Runes?"   you ask?

    Runes are these odd little flatish ovalish thin wafer stones, which represent a kind of mystical oracle or divining system. They are based on the series of ancient alphabetic script, used and passed down by Scandinavian Mystics for centuries. This script was used in legal documents, for writing poetry, for inscriptions and as a divining method, yet interestingly enough, never evolved into a complete spoken language.

    The exact methods of interpreting the Runes is lost, though you will find many contemporary texts offering their flavor and I suppose it goes without saying that if we can read tea leaves or frenology (bumps on the head) then there's probably some room for subjective conjecture when putting together interpretations for the Runes. The text of the interpretations used here in my Web Oracle version of the Runes is my own, based loosely on some other Runes texts such as that set which includes book and Runes objects which were actually photographed to make this site: The Book of Runes by Ralph H Blum.

    If you were using traditional rune stones, then you'd reach into your Runes Bag, and draw out three runes, laying them before you in a typical Right to Left spread...

  • the one on the Right representing the Overview of the Situation
  • the one in the Middle representing the Current Challenge, and
  • the one on the Left representing the Action Called For Now.
  •     The responses you'll get here are sometimes poetic, sometimes quite straightforward, but in any case, reflect another way of looking at the nature of the problem / question / concern you presented.

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