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The Oracle of the Runes
by Jerral Sapienza
Runes are based on the series of ancient alphabetic script,
used and passed down by Scandinavian Mystics for centuries,
which was used in legal documents, for writing poetry, for
inscriptions and as an oracle, yet never evolved into a spoken language.

I have written the current set of interpretations as used here
based in part on The Book of Runes by Ralph H Blum.

The way to use the prophecy engine of the runes is to hold in
your mind a particular question or concept about which you
would like more reflection. Form an open-ended question such as
"What is the nature of my relationship with _____" or
"What is the nature of my (health|economic|housing) situation just now?"

When you have a question in mind and are ready to begin,
Come on In and we'll begin your reading...

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