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Whoa! What kind of things do you see?

As you've probably already seen on the Submitting a Sample page, the kind of information we use for the sample format to be read here looks like this:
  • Use your favorite INK. Don't Use Pencil, Transparency pen, or Sharpies.
  • Use Unlined White Paper
  • Fold page in half both directions: Makes a tiny size page you'll use.
  • 1) Four rows of digits: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
  • 2) Your Signature
  • 3) Your Name, printed
  • 4) Paragraph... spontaneous writing segment of your choice (with doodles and sketches if you wish on the remainder of the page)
  • 5) the Date

    That's it.


So that's all we need.
This tiny sample format is called the "JAQS" sample format, ("Just A Quick Sample") and is amazingly useful for its size. If you'd like to learn more about it, see the book, The Hand Behind The Word: Handwriting Analysis JAQS Style. From this tiny sample, we can see some pretty interesting traits, as these readings and their responses will attest.

      We thought it would be nice if we actually had the time to hunt through the thousands of samples here and pull together image, reading and response from several of our matches... and so we did several here.
      And so for a generic first look anyway, here are a few to give you the basic idea. One of these days when we have nothing else to do perhaps we could do several more? Yes, one of those completely unoccupied dream.land days. But SOMEDAY we'll do some more... Stay tuned. (Or hound us until we do!? ;-)

Guest / Sample Image: Our Reading Text The Guest's Rating
HW-3 HW-3.txt HW-3rx.txt
01071101 HW01071101.txt HW01071101rx.txt
(was SelfEval) HW980417.txt HW980417rx.txt
98041701 HW98041701.txt HW98041701rx.txt
98020201 HW98020201.txt HW98020201rx.txt
98020202 HW98020202.txt HW98020202rx.txt
97101401 HW97101401.txt HW98060301rx.txt
96062402 HW96062402.txt HW96062402rx.txt

These should give you an idea of what we've said to folks and then the Ratings of what they've said back at us.

We invite you to submit your own sample, too, and see what is hiding in there in your hand for you to conceal or broadcast. And then come back and post a rating; that will tell others what you think of the reading, and if you're looking at this page, then we don't have to tell you: you already know how much interest people have in other peoples' views.

If you have questions or comments regarding our readings, please feel free to Get in touch and we'd be glad to help out.

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