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Please Note: We Are Currently NOT Accepting New Samples For Review

Check back later. -- Thanks

For a person-to-person Handwriting Reading:
Let us see your handwriting and we'll get you a report.

Preparing A HW Sample for HWA.ORG
Need more detailed instructions? Use the [ Full Instructions ] instead. Or Be in touch!

Thanks for your interest in our personalized Handwriting Reading.   Our preferred method of taking a look at your sample is to have it done as thousands of others are done for us: in this simple JAQS format we use here at HWA.ORG:

Specific Instructions for your sample:
  • Send us an ORIGINAL page, not a copy
  • Use unlined white paper
  • Fold page in half both directions:
  • (makes a "quarter-size" page you'll use)
  • Use your favorite (preferably dark) INK.
  • Please don't use pencil, felt tip pen, or Sharpies (they smear).
  • Indicate Handedness / Sex / Age / Profession
    as in: LH / M26 / Painter
  • Don't forget to include your Email address

  • On the main sample panel of the folded page include these:

    Review an example if you like side by side with a blank box to print out and use...
  • Four rows of digits:
     	 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 
    	 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 
    	 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 
    	 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 
  • Your Signature

  • Your Name, printed

  • Paragraph of your choice:
        What's that?     Don't know what to write? No worries... just write anything   Maybe ask a question about your handwriting?   Tell us how you found the site?   Just be spontaneous     Can be written in cursive or printed, whatever is "normal" and "natural" for you.

  • the Date

    Then, somewhere on the page wherever it fits (can be on one of the other quarter panels)

  • Indicate Handedness / Sex / Age / Profession  
    as in:   LH / M26 / Painter   or   RH / F52 / Retired

  • Indicate a legible EMail address, to which we'll return the reading.
  • Then, as you will for the rest of the the page (other than the main sample quarter-panel) feel free to doodle or sketch or leave it blank.


    Please Note Regarding 3rd Party Submissions:
    If you are planning on sending in someone else's handwriting for review, please get their permission first.
    It's a matter of ethics. And be advised of three things:

    • A)   We'd like to see some of YOUR handwriting with the third-party sample you'd like reviewed & reported on.
      • Include a handwritten statement from you as to why you're sending in someone else's handwriting.
      • Include your own JAQS sample format items as outlined here.
    • B)   *Fee for a third-party sample is $75, not $50. (We'll be giving you information on both samples. )
    • C)   Based on what it is you're seeking to learn, we may elect NOT to do the third-party reading for ethical reasons, depending on details of your submission. If we choose not to do your handwriting sample, you of course will not be charged.

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