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  • Why Didn't I Get Selected for a Second Interview?
  • How Can My Friend Know So Much About Me Just From My Handwriting!?
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  • What Childhood Traumas Still Hide in this Handwriting?
  • How Are Agencies Using Handwriting To Match People Traits So Well?!
  • What All Can Someone See in MY Handwriting?
    It can sometimes be almost unnerving, it can, to learn that some of your more intimate details are right there in black and white whenever you write for someone.

    Yes, it's true:   Handwriting can be one of most intimate forms of communication, sharing many of what you thought were your secrets and fears, ambitions and beliefs, all quietly encrypted there within your hand for anyone to see . . . provided, of course they know the language.

    You can revel in the fact or worry about it, this concept that people can know you from just your handwriting. But either way: it might be a good thing to spend some time learning what's there if you've noticed that some people looking at your handwriting seem to know something more about you than you thought possible.   One silver lining in the Mystery of Handwriting Analysis, however is that it's often equally true that You can also change your handwriting and you can change your life!       It's all linked.

    Sometime when you decide you're ready to have some reflection on the matter, consider sending us a sample of your handwriting and we'll share with you not some stock message about handwriting, but an actual written response emailed to you (or send via post if you prefer) with a truly unique, truly personal view of who you are, as seen from the vantage of your handwriting.

    After all, don't you think it's about time you should know what kinds of secrets you have been broadcasting every time you write to someone?   We'll help show you some of what you're saying about yourself... the good, the bad, the delightful, and sometimes even the shocking!

    We have done lots of different kinds of people over almost fifteen years of doing this for the Web Community: journalists, senators, prime ministers, actors, millionaire entrepreneurs, television anchor people, behind the scenes fraud examiners, artists, soldiers, professors, lots and lots of students and, well, folks from just all walks of life.

    But the message we hear in return is consistent and loud: "Wow! How'd you ever see that in my handwriting!?" and "Where can I learn more about this myself?"

    Jerral Sapienza (founder of HWA.ORG and author of the HAND BEHIND THE WORD books and seminars) has taught thousands of people to learn more about handwriting analysis, often one reader, one writer at a time. Maybe it's your time now?

    How can we help?   Be in touch and we can help you hire the master to join in at your next training event, or help you set up your own community reading and discussion program around the concept of handwriting. Or, we can also just start you off with one exceptional handwriting book or one incredibly enlightening handwriting analysis reading done just for you. to help you on your road to learning more.

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  • Detailed Profile of your Handwriting
    Ever wonder what someone sees in your handwriting? Let us tell you all about it. For Personal or Business applications. Send in a sample of your handwriting for an amazingly accurate report by Expert Analyst Jerral Sapienza and the HWA.ORG Team.

  • Try a little do-It-Yourself Free Analysis with the help of our online "Self-Eval" software system which allows you to take a look at some of the basic traits you might look at in your own or someone else's handwriting.
      It's free, it's fun and it's pretty good if we do say so ourselves! :)
  • Learn more about some of the behind-the-scenes details and stories of what Handwriting Analysis is, how it originated, its history, methods, uses.
  • Learn!   Grow!  
    Get the book...     Start doing some Handwriting Analysis on your own by getting a copy of the hottest new book on handwriting, The Hand Behind the Word.   It's a fascinating read about handwriting, about life and about YOU!

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