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Handwriting Analysis via
The Original Web Handwriting Site

Our Snail Mail address for all correspondence and samples:

W W W . H W A . O R G
Lifelong Learning Excellence, Inc.
PO Box 3462 • Hillsboro, OR • 97123 • USA

    with your letter including:

  • Your Sample
  • Check / Money Order, etc. covering the fee.
  • An email address to contact you.
    (No, we won't be selling or spamming your email address. You can even make up a new one just for this if you like; It's an entirely one-shot thing for getting your reading back to you.)

    If you send us a sample which you would like returned, please also include a pre-stamped envelope with sufficient postage to get it back to you. All samples become the property of HWA.ORG as part of our permanent collection of samples, used as an archive for training new analysts.   If you do want yours back then please accordingly plan for its safe return. We're happy to comply.

    Thanks for submitting your sample, and we'll be in touch soon.

        And finally, a PS to the Postmaster... Hey, we appreciate what you're doing out there, really! You know, rain and hail and snow and sleet and all that. Please don't misunderstand... It's not that we think your service is as slow as a snail, but bear in mind that we are comparing Email (which is delivered in seconds) to standard human-courier type mail, which even at its fastest is still delivered only in days... That's thousands of times slower. Thus: snail by comparison. Kindly don't take offense, eh! ;-)

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